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Hi Eagle!

My mind is bustling with lots of activities and I do not know where to start from.
I'll start from letter K.  Yeah, it's the middle of the story but you'll get it at the end. I promise.
Have you been following the news lately??

So many bad things are happening.... terrorist attacks, kidnaps and suicide bombs.
My heart goes out to the parents of the kids that were kidnapped?? I pray for their release soon.

I also hear there is something like #freeevans campaign on social media. Is this true??

Let justice rule in that matter.

If justice is not served, they'll be more evil in the land, this is for sure.

Btw: where is Mr President? 😛😛
We are praying for you Sir.. thank God for the #HallelujahChallenge. As we thank God we also ask for your healing and i know he will help Nigeria.

If you are in Lagos please attend this event. It's open for both ladies and gentlemen.
The only thing your asked to come with is a hungry heart.... eager to receive from God himself. 

Glimpses; tiny little pixels. If collected and fixed properly will form the big picture. 
The great thing about it is that no one knows the big picture but you. So go hunting and get the fixing done already. 
Our greatest asset is TIME. 

Ugo 💕💕


  1. So many bad news truly but apart from the international scene of London attacks, we've not had much as regards terrorist attacks. I guess the season to be "HOLY" helped a lot.

    Whoever started that free Evans campaign must be a "Citizen" that has been feeling the bad weather directed by the Country Controllers towards innocent citizens. Arrest looters in government and prosecute them without partisanship and I think that campaign would not have seen the face of social media but I know it will die as it has started.
    His crimes is never justified.

    Our president is resting. lols.


    1. ...and may the season to be "HOLY" come to stay.
      thank you for stopping by Chukwuma :)


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