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Hi there, Welcome back to the blog!

Let’s talk about marriage proposals here, shall we? Lately we have read and seen a lot of proposals everywhere online and offline. It’s a beautiful scene to watch, I like the part where the guy kneels on one knee and says “Will you Marry Me” and the lady goes  “Awwww, Yes! Yes! Yes!
So Beautiful!!!!!

Now my elder sisters Ayo Thompson(she does not know I’ve claimed blood relationship yet.lol) of 1+the one and Atilola (she's married now) engagement story made me love struck.  I was reminded of my
childhood dream of happily ever after………..*off to Cinderella world, where my prince comes with my shoe and my feet fits perfectly* lol.
BTW: Guys why don’t you guys try proposing with a shoe, the lady whose feet fits into the shoe will be your bride. Make sure she is not with a shoe pad oh. Lol.
Now the thing is why will a lady refuse to say Yes to a proposal?.
 In another video a guy proposed to his bae at the airport and she was so reluctant to say Yes. Infact she didn’t even say Yes, after 5 minutes of hiding her face she gave out her finger and just walked away.
No hugs, No yells, No kiss, Nothing………………………..
Could it be that the guy offended her and didn’t fix things?
Could it be that the lady just does not find him good enough to be her husband??
I sincerely think that before you build a house, you should count your cost.
Guys, proposal is not a trap. Don’t show up with a ring and expect that all the harsh treatments would be ignored and she will just  yell a Big YES to you.
Communicate with your girlfriend, you should know when she is ready, talk about marriage and see how she responds, then you make a move.’
Understand that not all ladies like public display of affections and would love over a dinner-kind- of-proposals OR just family members around. Talk about proposals and be sure what she wants. If she wants A and you offer her B, do you think she will appreciate it?
I repeat proposal is not a bait.
And Ladies, c’mon what are you doing with a guy you have no interest in? Why invest your time and energy into another human being without definitions.
I’m not saying you should go all over him and play detective but you will know if he is serious with his life, hence serious with yours.
A guy who has no plan for his life, won’t accommodate you in his life. So drop it and be open to more serious minded guys.
If you date a guy for more than a year and he has no plan, no definitions or hasn’t said anything yet……..DUMP HIS ASS!!!
*drops mic*
Let's Share: Ladies: If your engaged or married, share with us how you handled your proposal? Was it all you dreamt of? Or you grudgingly said Yes?? Lol
Guys: What are the signs that she is ready??  What will you do if she says No?? Are you in a relationship with a person you can marry??


  1. Thank you for the mention. It has really been a while.

    There are a lot of things that could make a lady be reluctant, even though she's in the relationship. A sensible guy should have been discussing marriage and 'future plans' with a lady he plans to propose to, to get the feelers of where she's at, long before proposing.

  2. You made some great points Patience! You're totally right, a proposal isn't a trap. You can't mess up and then come and propose thinking that'll erase all the hurtful things you may have done. Great post :)

    Coco Bella Blog 

    1. Wisdom is all we need, thankfully someone greater has promised to give if we(God) ask.

  3. Blessings,:

    If marriage is your goal then start with that on the table. If he is not into marriage move on because you are wasting your time. Don't think you can change his mind. Know your own mind, understand your worth, what you have to offer and what you are bringing to the table.

    If you are both on the same page and he begins to back peddle and waffle, with no real reason or explanation then it's the time to make that call and get stepping. After 6-1 year you know if you want to marry the person you are with.

    1. Talk about being intentional. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  4. There are a lot of things that could make a lady be reluctant

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