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         Hello Beautiful Eagle, welcome to the blog! I trust your doing well and still running with the vision. I'm glad your here, i know you will find these post inspiring. Let's dig in.

Have you seen that movie, THE GIFT?? Yes?? Yes!
I can still see the scenes flash in my memory and the lessons I gleaned from it.
I had my experience some time ago and i'm here to share it..
As a music lover I can’t do without my ear piece or headset. It’s a must-have for all music addicts.
Mine went bad and I had plans to replace it. At that time I got talking with a friend and I mentioned how badly I needed an ear piece quickly.
Ear-piece, Head-set,music tools, music lover, addict,beat-by-dre
Fast forward to three days later; after an evening service he presented me with that small round case and said “This is for you”.
Almost immediately my bestie’s kid brother grabbed the case from his hands and asked if he was selling it and how much.
He said No, I’m not selling it . it’s for Patience!
This guy had the expression that said What!!!!!! How can you not sell this piece?? Why are you gifting it to someone else.
Then he went on and on about how expensive the ear-piece was right now in the market.

❤ I didn’t care much about the model of this gadget, I just wanted something that i can use to listen to music and messages without disturbing my roomie that reads at night.
❤ I didn’t know they were “expensive ear-piece ” like that…….
❤ I didn’t expect an expensive one too.