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.....are you in the time of your month?

you've never had sex before, if you do these bumps will clear.

babe, take care of yourself na?

why do you look like this sef?

you and this your pimples...... see free branding oh.(lol)

These are some statement some guys have said to me because of acne.
Acne is a great conversation starter, or maybe not....(lol, i swear they are some days i'd get so mad)
So let me take you through this journey, you'll find it funny and educative too. legggoo!
i almost forgot to greet. lol. i'm so excited to share this story with you jor.
but first, Mmesiere oooooo (goodmorning in Efik) your response will be mmesiere de'.*smiles*

All through my adult days (i'm so young now...lol) i have had acne. My skin has a mind of it's own most times and it didn't feel good at all.
Story time people:

I went for a photography session at Eddylix Studios with my mum and brother and while we waited for set up, i decided to check the phone shop just beside Eddylix to fix my phone screen.

You see, i had makeup on and i wore a beautiful flowered dress i made. i was looking breath-taking, you could swear i was kate middleton.
few strides, i was standing in the midst of guys, some sitting others standing and talking each had a gadget of some sort in their hands. I knew i was in the right place.

With a smile, "i asked please who can i talk to, i need to fix my phone"
Hi, let me see the phone, one of them answered.

He took the phone and went on to check it out. You won't believe what he said next........................

hmmmmmmmmmm, you see some guys are not serious oh at all. (lol) The things they say to a lady amazes me sometimes.

Are you in the time of your month? he asked.
Kai!! i was shocked. or should i say stunned. abeg wetin concern phone screen concern time of the month?

Sorry ? 
Is that what i need to fix my phone?
Please, how much will it cost me to fix this screen? i was getting impatient already.

well, it'll cost you 9 thousand naira, he answered smiling sheepishly.
but you know you are very beautiful and this pimples is spoiling your market, he continued.

I said,"thank you" collected my phone and walked away.
Humans have a mind of their own, I've learnt to be patient with folks who try to run me down when they see the breakouts on my face. 

Change your pillowcases every other day. 
Change your hairstyle when it starts itching... Yes!!  
You could transfer dirts to your face from your hair. 
Drink lots of water and eat lots of vegetables. 
Book a spa session, facials monthly.. 
Smile everything will be fine.

Love you💕💕💐👄 


  1. Putting your phone directly on your cheek can also contribute

  2. I'm sure I contributed my quota to the 'advice guys give to ladies with acne', difference is, I did cause I love you.

  3. I'm sure I contributed my quota to the 'advice guys give to ladies with acne', difference is, I did cause I love you.

  4. Blessings.....
    He was positively rude. I wonder how he would feel life you were to take something psychical on his body and made disparaging comments.

    Pimples for the most part is hormones as it relates to the monthly period. Other related is the overworking of the Sebaceous glands (secretion of oils in the skin) this in it normalcy lubricates the skin and hair however when it over produces it creates pimples. In short - too much oils i.e. oil clogged hair follicles with dead skin cells equal pimples.

    Stay blessed.

  5. Lols and thats funny. They jusf lost a nice customer in the making.
    Happy holidays . . .


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