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Just because they go from Boyz to Men!

 Hi everyone!
Last weekend I attended a seminar organized by Christian Council of Nigeria, the aim was to expose a number of youths from different churches under CCN to END THE VIOLENCE AGAINST CHILDREN CAMPAIGN. We saw a video, and it’s so disheartening to note that our young ones are so vulnerable to a whole lot of evil by people that should be called family.

I can only imagine what it feels like for a boy child to come home crying to his parent, after being sexually violated. Somehow we've managed to train them to be strong, never cry or show emotions..... or let's say that is their  nature.  Our culture places the male gender in a position of strength and this defines manliness in a way so the above reaction cannot be so much of a reality in our days.

I had my first exposure to sexual perversion by a family member. I didn’t mention it to my parents though it felt wrong. Secondary school also contributed greatly too this time it was lesbianism.
Sex education was a no go area, it seemed like a corrupt thing to talk about in church. You either be holy or go to hell.
You may ask; Ugo why are you so concerned about the boys?

Because i want my son(s) and son-in-law (s) to be sound and safe from this perversion.
Because the men in my life need to know that the world acknowledges the strength they show as they face life and stand strong.
Because my voice is unique and i'm shouting on the roof top, how important it is to protect the "male seed"
Because there are so many platforms for the girl child to voice their opinions and nothing for the boys.
The male child is the strength of a nation. On a man’s shoulder lies a heavy load of decision making, provision, support and any other demand you can possibly think of.
So the male child is under attack on all sides, the devil is after the seed of a woman. Did you know this?
Did you know that every male child is a prey to the enemy, he just wants to devour them.
Do you realize that the male child needs covering?
Do you know that they carry so much in their hearts and need so much wisdom to execute rightly?
Do you know that if a male child is violated and he is not totally healed, you’d either marry him or be an in-law and your destiny would be clouded?
Do you know that when a man stands tall, he shines so bright and devil hates that?
He is a King, he is in-charge, HE is the covering over your head, he is your representative before God?
Do you realize that the young boy who is smoking and being so callous is in dire need of help?
Do you know that his battles are heavier than yours?
He gets to till the hard ground for food to feed his family. Nothing comes to him so easily, he has to work hard  for what he needs, but for you, a woman  the case is somewhat different.

I went searching for NGO's that support the boy child specifically, i was a bit disappointed. Drop a link here if you know any.

Here's to announce a new series "THE BOY CHILD- just because they grow from boys to Men".


  1. It's alien to have boys/men speak up about abuse. I've been a victim more than once, as a child and as an adult (I'm sure I don't want to share details yet). Thank God I scaled through unhurt ❤, the story might be different for you.
    Speak up
    Get help.

    I'd follow this series.

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  3. Wow.... I think this is the first time someone is really approaching this sexual abuse issue from an unbiased angle. It gives me pleasure cause it's a woman folk really beating the drums and sounding the danger alarm.
    Thanks a whole bunch dear. This needs to go through the right minds to change the affected generation. Thanks again.


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