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Walk Through To The End

Warm greeting to you my love.
Okay, let's do a little exercise. List all the troubles and headaches you've suffered in life and the ones your afraid of facing. Get is off your chest right away .

Then look at these words from the scriptures with me: "But after you have suffered for a little while, the God of all grace, who calls you to share his eternal glory in union with Christ, will himself perfect you and give you firmness, strength, and a sure foundation".- 1 Peter 5:10 GNB
Calm down before you start vexing at how he would even allow us go through problems and let's digest those words slowly.

1. But after you have suffered for a little while: Suffering is not a bad thing. Yes it is not. What do you even call suffering? "Experiencing pain, state or condition where someone suffers pain or distress".
This is part of life experiences, since the fall of man we have to toil and work hard for things to come together. The old testament reality is filled with work, suffering and lots of pain. The Israelites can really relate with this, because they worked under slavery for years and even when help was offered they were so used to pain and couldn't break free.
But we have hope!!  Hallelujah.
Scriptures says "after a little while". This reminds of a song by Kirk Franklin;

After while
Storms will pass
After while
Scars will heal
You'll love again
It won't hurt you after while
It won't hurt you after while.
Left to us we would be helpless in a state of suffering but God promises that after a little while.....
Say to yourself after a little while this issue too shall pass. This pain shall pass too.
The pain of childbearing does not last forever, this is not to trivialize motherhood.... but if we ask women who have children they'll tell us that it was not easy but it is over. As soon as the baby showed up the pain was over. So hold on! Trust Gods word, a little while and it is all over.

2. The God of all grace, who calls you to share his eternal glory in union with Christ :
We can dwell here oh!! There's so much hope in here for us.
Think of that man who has all the wealth and riches in this world to himself, he can choose to shut down the oxygen tank or stop the supply of sunlight for days but instead choose to share with us.
He surely knows that in sharing we can ruin things. He knows that we can abuse his property oh but he still decides to say; "come and use this other chair, I know you broke the other but  it's okay".
I know that you will make a mistake but come on... join me on the table. 
Halleluyah! Can you feel the joy?
Every Grace is in him.
Ain't you glad he called us to join him, in union with Christ. Let's just talk about Christ. This guy here is completely amazing.
He as a son, having all the power and right to everything but surrendered to come and save us from suffering that we brought upon ourselves by sin.
He had no benefit whatsoever in doing that, but he choose to.
He was beaten! Scorched and dealt with, blows landed on him from every side yet he stayed strong for us.
Till he was pierced and nailed he didn't give up.To top it all, he freely decided to share his inheritance with us.
Scripture tells us that he delights in us.

Let me describe this scene:
In B-land, everyone had a life of their own, the population was filled with different kinds of people,it was always bubbling with activities. The King ruled B-land with so much power, rules that were broken deserved punishment and every one must work hard for what they needed.Everyone knew that they were consequences for every decision they made and they will pay for it, so they tried to live carefully.
A girl named Ugo lived in B-land, got used to the pattern and rules in the land. She knew she had to do the kings bidding to get what she needed to survive each day. Most times it was never enough. She kept toiling and working.  Everything seem to be alright untill one day, HE showed up.
HE had this powerful look yet so calm, he was rich, it showed in his looks. Everyone talked about this Man who just walked into the city and his gossip had gone everywhere "there is a new man in town, there is something about him" "we can't explain but he does not seem like trouble " "he called for a gathering at the square-I bet he wants us work for him too".

Soon every one gathered, eager to hear what he had to say.
"I have come to choose you to be my delight, and to share in my inheritance. I am your shepherd, you shall not want. There is a better life I have to offer its eternal-unending. I want nothing from you, just follow me. I love you and I came here because of you".

Noise everywhere, everyone talking at once.
"How possible is that?  one man shouted from one corner
"He thinks we are fools!  another echoed.
Go away from us, we have heard such promises before.

Walking through the crowds he came to Ugo and said to her "do you believe me? "
"Let me love you" that is all i want from you. I have so much to share with you.

She looked up, amazed at how much love he had in his eyes. He felt so good and looked too good to be true. She had to make a decision to follow. She had no idea what "follow me" meant but his love had melted his heart.
The crowd went after him and pulled him away. They demanded for his wealth else he would be killed.
Surrendered him to the King out of loyalty and demanded that he be killed for trying to deceive them.

The King was angry that a visitor would show up in land and make promises to his followers...... he made sure he dealt with him.
His words still didn't change. He still made more offers of freedom, hope and truth. He talked about the way to receiving all the promises he had made, he gave hope to many.In his season of torment he didn't speak I'll of anyone.

In his blood he healed the sick. In his pain he took away our pain. In his tears he bore our shame.
He still shares everything with us regardless of what we had done to him.

3. will himself perfect you and give you firmness, strength and a sure foundation: 
This is the part we all want but sometimes never get to because we grow weary and faint along the way. Imagine the amazing promises we get to enjoy at the end of every suffering; Perfection,Firmness,Strength and Sure Foundation.
i wish i could write an epistle on this but i won't. I know the Holy Spirit will give you an understanding of this scripture as you walk with him each step of the way.
Hold on to your faith,believe the one who has called you, be still and know that He is God.
Look at the benefits of suffering and don't rush out of God's hands.

Please don't throw a pity-party for even a second. That does not move God one bit. Tears don't move his hand, complaining does not work too. FAITH!!!!!
It's impossible to please Daddy without faith. So trust him and know that the devil is going to try to roar to confuse you but you must be strong.
I love you so much.
I'm with you in this, lets walk this faith journey together.
Jesus loves you immeasurably.

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  1. God bless you. Thank you. Your article was very important to open mind about life. God taught us more than parent to child. Please foll back my blog


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