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Lover's Journal I

I promised i'll write this publicly, it has been on my mind forever.

Can i start with a question: "Who really are YOU"?
I'm intrigued by your words and hand-works.

Pardon me, i once spoke from a state of confusion, not sure what to call you at that time.

It's not so clear but this glimpse of you is enticingly satisfying. I KEEP WANTING MORE!

I'd treasure the words you speak to my soul each day, my body can speak otherwise sometimes though.

You are INTENTIONAL and I LOVE it.  That you would choose me out of the many, thrills my mind.

I told a friend the other way how you treat me; you take away from me, the things i don't need without saying a word. ah!
Then few days after, i smile back at you having realized how that turned out for my good.

I'm in!
I'm Consumed!
I'm Elated -never have been.

King of my heart, you have me- you have my heart completely.

I want your kisses more than i want sponge-cake or even akara ( food can't even compete)

I was blinded by the fold of "why am i like this" "why is my life not like hers" "why is this happening to me".


Tasted(ing) your MERCY everyday. Fresh like the morning dew and in sufficient quantity for each day.

i will take it, one day at a time. Sometimes minute by minute, or maybe seconds by seconds.
Trusting ever, onward ever.

It had to be you, i'll choose you over and over  i accept your choice of me with excitement and gratitude.

Your Lover
Ugo Patience Ukam
Committed to Making Jesus Christ Attractive

"For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith--and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God"--Ephesians 2:8


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