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As a budding tailor, i find it very interesting the process of dress making. Every seam, cut, pattern and embroidery.
You know mathematics is very useful in dress making, you'll divide almost all the measurement into two, add few inches to the measurement for the zip line, minus the half length measurement from the skirt part of a dress.
Well, it was confusing at first but it got very interesting.
When i encounter something really difficult, i remember how i finally understood the basics of applying BODMAS to the art of fashion designing and i smile with hope.

"I CAN LEARN THIS TOO!!" I'd tell myself. lol
velvet, turban, jewelry

Embelished jewelry, sparkles, lady, smile

Princess, regal, sequins, shiny

gold sandal, pink, green
It's a long pencil-off shouldered -dress,made with a velvet fabric from my mum's closet.A long slit behind to enable swift movement and zip detail, this lovely dress is complete. I wore this to church but it'll make for an elegant traditional wedding attire or rich cultural gathering.

I like how the green turban and jewelry gave life to this ensemble, toning down all the sparkles from the gold and pink hues.

I felt so regal in this dress, i must be given a title i've been given a title already : "CHOSEN, LOVED, PRIEST, ROYAL, DAUGHTER.............You too have these title, don't believe anything less!
Let the sparkle within you shine out, wave that horse-tail in your hand and greet the crowds that's pressing into you.

"Arise, .........(put your name here) and Shine like the Sun,the glory of the Lord is shining on you -Isaiah 60:1"
Lots of Love


  1. SO you made this? Wow. Well done!

  2. Nice outfit... I love the green turban... So am back on blogville and I have a jumpsuit tutorial up, do check it out


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