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LIFESTYLE: Getting rid of acne

Welcome back Eagles. It's going to be a lengthy post because you really need this information.

We all hear that acne is common among teenagers but what if your above teenage age and still breaking out?
I learnt something really fascinating and i'm here to share.
A little about me: I am 27 years old and still break out, i thought it was just something that'll pass with time and age but that was not entirely true.
October 2017
I break out everywhere, even the chinese face map had nothing on  me. (lol) I couldn't using the map to figure out what my body was going through at a time because i had lot of breakouts at different spots on my face including my back and chest.

In April it got so bad, tiny bumps all over my face, some very painful and filled with pus. What i suffered was known as cystic, papula and chronic acne (each on different spots).

MGM suggested i take a lot of fruits, drink tons of water, stop eating late at night and cut of garri all together from my diet. (Garri is a source of carbohydrate made from blended, strained, fermented and fried cassava).
I laughed it off, and wondered how i would finance that lifestyle since i was on a low budget at the time.
Left: After (November 2017 )                                                      Right: Before(October 2017)
I made up my mind, when it got really intense few weeks ago and there has been a hugggee difference and i'm here to share.

 Let's start with the digestion issues, Here we go;
There is a direct relationship between your digestive system health and the kind of acne you suffer.
The common blackheads and whiteheads are caused by excess production of sebum that gets trapped in the pores under dead cells or a broken hair follicle. when it gets oxidized( meaning that when air touches it) it becomes black, hence it's called black head. (when you extract this one it's solid and pulpy)

Whiteheads don't get oxidized because it's trapped under hair follicle and air can't get there but it's still struggling to come out.

For me i suffered cystic and papula acne and i'm way above my teenage age.
At first i consoled myself with the fact that my mum and elder sister suffered acne, so it's hereditary but it got swollen and painful and i had to get help.

Hence, tons of research and major adjustments.

1. My Recent Diet Options:

Pap + shredded ugwu leaves +prawns + honey
Watermelon + Paw-paw + pineapple
Lot's of Fresh Fish
A big cup of warm water every morning to aid easy bowel movement.
Fresh Okro soup and locust beans (iru)

Basically, anything that has fiber, protein, leafy and little or no starch i'll eat.

2. Let me also state here that bowel movement can cause a lot of issues in your system. Most of us don't use the toilet often and we eat three times a day.
So i help my system, by drinking lots of water before bedtime and as soon as i wake up.........if i feel constipated i just  pump my belly. (Nigerians will understand better)
I also drank Ruzu Herbal Bitters  after tons of research, it cleaned my bowels every day.

3.Another thing that helped a whole lot is avoiding stress. I spent a lot of time off social media and getting worked up about tomorrow and just enjoyed each day, taking it one day at a time.
I spent time talking to Jesus, enjoying his love and richness everyday. I asked that he would heal me and surely he did.
wearing little concealer under my eyes and a layer of powder
I hope this helps someone!
With Love


  1. Blessings....
    It looks as if you also have oily skin. Hence you should be mindful that your make up is specific to oily skin which means it will be water based and not oil base. Your Cleanser and moisturizer should follow the same as make up.

    If i may suggest: when you cleanse first start with warm water to open your pores. If you don't have a cleanser specific for oily skin you can use baking soda. Use a little on a soft cloth, rub gently as baking soda can be abrasive. once you have cleanse use cold water to close your pores before applying moisturizer and makeup.

    1. Yes i have oily skin.
      Thanks for these suggestions :)

  2. I've always heard about the connection between good skin and diet and your post is just a real life example. I can't believe you cut out yam and rice tho, I'm sure you would have lost weight too. Now as for helping with bowel movement, ginger and lime tea does the charm especially to east bloating.

    Princess Audu

    1. the weight loss is not really a thing for me though. And yes i've added ginger tea to my meal plans. My family enjoys it too.

  3. Changing my diet also helped my face. Groundnut is a no-no for me sha o.

  4. Wow, it's amazing how much a change in diet can affect our skin. I'm glad your face is clearing up, hope it continues that way! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

  5. You are indeed beautiful :)

    Happy the devil can't take take that away from you. lol. Thanks for sharing.


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