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Style: Inufse Some Colors

It should be deliberate, or let's just say intentional.
 Don't just let it be, do something about it.
Whatever it may be. Take a step.
canva, sanpseed design, words

Do you love colours? I think you do, because your thinking of your favourite item that has that color.

Life is so beautiful, infuse some colors to your eyes.
Get rid of the shades of grey, add blues and yellows.

It could be a date.
A book you need to write.
A poem that keeps coming back to you.
A song you must sing.
A word you must say to someone else.

Hey, don't be too tough jor.
Relax but work hard.
CMK wristwatch, scarf, close-shot

close-shot, white dress, flared-sleeves

looking down, time, cut out neck-line

elegance, queen, lady, midi-dress
Outfit Details:
I love this stretchy fabric, it just glides on the body so effortlessly.
The billow-sleeves are still in style, i opted for them because i think elegance and poise (wink) when it comes to dresses.
I like a midi length skirt or dress, just below my knees.

 The Neckline was created out of a desire to try something new. Basically a cut and facing used to turn it over.

The embroidery-flower detail brought some color to the outfit that i love so much. But here is the thing with this thing; It does not stay glued to the dress, so you'd need to tag it on the dress permanently with thread and needle. Be sure to use the color on the flowers so it won't be too odd.

The shoes and scarf matched. All nude.

I love this outfit so much, besides church i will wear this to work, presentation or wedding.
 With Love❤❤❤


  1. The colors are just beautiful with the cream! It makes the dress more interesting.

  2. I would definiyely wear this dress to a wedding. The sleeves were the perfect addition and I feel you. I too prefer my dresses knee length. And I actually have a quite similar white dress with the floral embroidery trend. The only difference is that it is a shift dress that has flared sleeves.

    Princess Audu

    1. I think the embroidery trend is so much in style now, good thing is that it can be replaced with another embellishment.
      Modest and stylish it the way to go girl:)


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