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Just Because They Grow from boyz to Men III

As i stood on a street waiting for a cab that'll take me home around 9:14pm i saw something that sent chills down my spine.

This part of Calabar is more like a hood, they're king of the streets everywhere and it's usually very busy even at night.
You'd find a suya spot, beer parlour, salons and a mini fruit village in this area.

This taxi man, drove down and i flagged him down, told him where i was headed and he waved, meaning he was not taking that route and he drove off slowly approaching three young guys in their early twenties, dressed well and looking modest.

I'm not sure what happened but as soon as i turned my eyes again, i heard these guys talking gently to the cab man.

"wetin dey worry you"? one of them asked

"you dey craze abi"? another chipped in

before i knew what was going on the man was receiving slaps from one of them.

Like!! this man is an elderly man and quite soft spoken because he didn't respond or react.

I was shocked!!

In bewilderment i stared at them and wondered what offense would demand such treatment from these young boys to an elderly man.


Finally i found a cab that was headed my way and i hopped in.

i didn't even settle down properly when the cab-man said to me;

"Aunty it's N150 oh, there is no fuel "

"no wahala, lets go". i was glad i found a cab home so i could pay any amount plus it's quite a journey back home.

Then he said to the young guy that was already seated in the cab; "oga, abeg for you it's N100 oh".

Omo! this guy snapped back so rudely.

"what kind  of nonsense is that?

eh, why you no talk since when you carry me? (why didn't you mention it when i entered your cab)

after i don put my load for your boot. (after putting my luggage in your boot)

abeg, drop me from this your yeye car. (please, pull over i'll stop here)

you no no se i don drive car wey better pass this one?  (don't you know i've driven better cars than what your driving)

Fool! idiot!

The cab-man just pulled over and asked him to get out of his car.

When i asked where he was picked up from, the driver said, few feets backward from where i was picked from.

All these events left me this way:

I think we are gradually losing the culture where respect for the elderly ones are cherished and practiced.

So much violence and disrespect everywhere.

Boys standing up to their fathers, in some cases beating them up (like what i just told you about).

But i'm sure that in the midst of all this they are still young men whose hearts are tuned in the right direction and their ears sold out to giving attention to their parents.

What do you think?
Have you seen any of these happenings lately and how can we curb it?  For the sake of our children and grandchildren who deserve a sane and well cultured environment to grow. let's talk.

The Two things you can do for the men in your life are;
1.  Moms please join this session with Lisa Bevere and Havilah Cunnington on how to raise boys.

2. For single ladies join @hephzibahfrances on instagram and facebook for live session on praying for our future husbands.

With Love


  1. My kids. I pray almost everyday. Only by God's power and grace can they be groomed aright and truth be told I also misbehaved at some point to my parents till I found God.
    What do we need?
    Lord help us

    1. So right, only by God's grace can we groom them right.
      Prayers, tons and tons of it.

  2. Hmmmmm. It's really pathetic to see young men and boys disrespect the elderly ones without any remorse. Godly counsel from parents that have integrity, corrections made in love in addition to prayers will help change the negative trend. God help us. Ukah Stephen

    1. Spot on!
      another thing i gleaned is speaking the love language of these boys. it seems like a weak to do but they'll yield when they know they are loved


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