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The Boy Child Series IV

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Do you think that the menace in our society will end?
Do you feel scared and unsure of the male gender in your environment?

Too much is happening lately, and i feel so sad about these events. Our dear country is facing a whole lot of challenges and unrest.

Let me ask:
Who is raping girls/women?
Who is on the fore front of the Boko haram squad?
Who is stealing and kidnapping for rituals or money in your society?
Who is committing suicide bombings everywhere?

Are you getting the drift?
Statistics have proven that most of the perpetrators are men and boys, so we protect our girls/women more often neglecting the boys.

Every man was once a little boy, who looked up to Mama. He will do anything for his mum.
In every man is a desire to be respected. This for them is more important than food and sometimes sex.

The need for respect can trigger a whole lot of action or inaction.

And guess what, what they need is in us (women).

What is your response to that young boy on the street that thinks he can date you and makes advances at you?

Ofcourse, you'll not just talk about him with your friends but you'd insult him and p'rolly call him names.

How about the guy that we have access to, especially in times of need? Do we regard them as humans or machines that give us what we need and after that we are done.

It's time we develop respect for little boys or grown up men.

Turn down proposals nicely. Say No firmly but nicely.

You don't have to treat one guy special than the other, it does not necessarily prove love.
How you treat one man shows your character. It's never about the other person but you.

Your response and decisions is very important.

Would you, whether Christians or have no faith at all turn the heart of the men/boys in your life to God for molding. Sex, food, talks won't have long lasting effects but prayers and respect would do.
They don't have to feel threatened by you, that's not your nature. Your nature is to nurture and give life, show care and love. So express these attributes that is already on your inside.

One man is a whole nation, he could be your in-law, husband or colleague.Protect the boy child from abuse, emotionally, physically and otherwise just because they grow from boys to men.

Lot's of Love

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