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Beauty Post: Product Review

I'm usually excited about new products, ranging from skin care to makeup products, the bond gets stronger by the day.

My goal is to achieve and maintain clear skin, reduce break outs and stay moisturized this year. Gladly, you don't have to break the bank to achieve good skin. 
It came to my notice that i have written on how i got rid of acne , my discovery on food and breakout but haven't done a thorough skin care post on the blog.

So lets start with my recent beauty buys:


All items were purchased from Casabella in Calabar Mall, Mary Slessor Avenue, Calabar.


Kajal : N 2000   Lip Liner: N 1,200

The Experience:

 The colossal kajal has been a long time favourite, so when shopping for a liner, i quickly grabbed this product.
It is really dark and needs no sharpener.
The downside is, it smudges after some hours after application, which i do not like.

The Beauty Treat Lip Liner feels moisturizing on the lips. It's color is rich and velvety, used as a lipstick.
I remember saying to the sales representative in the store: "i must get this, a red lip will take the eyes away from the bad breakouts." (lol)


N 1, 050 ( please note that this product was purchased during sales.)

The Experience:

Let me just put it out there, washing your face with a tool makes a whole lot of difference than washing with bare hands. Immersed in water, it gets soft and ready for use.
As i type this, i'm planning on repurchasing since the konjac sponge can only last for two months. It is a better option than the baby towel i previously used.
Please don't dry this under the sun, follow the instructions on the pack. Air dry only!!!


N 1,300

The Experience: 

A good detox for cleaning up the pores. I find this product really helpful, in drying out the gunk (pus- which is the white blood cells and bacteria trapped under my skin). I plan on using this product for my hair when i BC. My mix is usually with Vinegar and warmed up by placing in a bowl of hot water (i do this so the mix gets warmed up and not close up my pores).


N 1,200

The Experience:

You know, i bought this product because of the activated charcoal in it. I, a while ago purchased a pack of activated charcoal in it's powder form but didn't exhaust it. The grains were too big to make a mask out of it, so i stored it away somewhere safe.
Using this and the konjac sponge, i saw remarkable difference on my face. It smells nice too, nothing fanciful but not disturbing too.
Thing is, it does not lather very much but it works.

There it is!
Have you tried any of this products?
What are/were your experiences and would you submit any suggestions?


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