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Celebrating the International Women Day

To Every Woman in the World: Happy International women's day!!!.
I would love to write an epistle specifically for every one of you but i'll resist the urge, so that this post can be short. *lol*

Our hearts gets stronger by the day and the support for each other is growing wildly. Fierce is the word to describe how the women game has become lately. Cheers!

Considering the theme for this years celebration: #PressForProgress I have a mental list of some women, whose work and life has been inspiring.

1. Megan Markle: An American actress set to become a member of the British royal family upon marriage. You are what you attract and i honestly think that this lady is royalty herself. Her character in the movie "suits"made me drawn to her more. Her style speaks elegance and modesty, her resolve to get on after a failed marriage, her humanitarian work and her smile -these are the spots i can pick on. Regal, poised and humble.

2. Tara Fela-durotoye: A Nigerian who has taken the makeup industry to a whole new level internationally. She built a structure that still pays even after she is no more and i admire that a lot.
Her skin is amazing, and her support to her husband -worthy of notice.

3. Rev. Mrs. Funke Adejumo: I literally caught "fire"sitting under her during the Pray, Mom, Pray event in Calabar last month. An institution, author, mother, business-owner and preacher.
I'm following!

4. Mrs. Ayo Megbope: You'll remember her as the moi-moi woman. Faith in God and hardwork brought progress to her life after years of a seemingly stagnant routined-life. She is a Nigerian. A Wife and Mother. Her strength is from deep within.
You too can rise against all odds.

What is your circle like?

You are brave and smart.
You are fierce and soft.
You are kind and strong.
Be you - A WOMAN!

In all our celebrations today, may we be wise in treating fairly the boys around us. Knowing that they will either defend or harm us tomorrow. Pour love and kindness into them, remember, Nurturing is your nature!
Shout-out to one special woman in my life, i didn't get to choose: MY MUM!

Make progress, take it one step at a time.



  1. Watching Ayo Megbope's story on King Women brought tears to my eyes, she's definitely an inspiration. So are all the other ladies you mentioned! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

  2. Blessings....
    Hope your Women's day was fantastic and you were treated like the treasure you are.

    peace and blessings.


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