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On Being Photogenic


(especially of a person) looking attractive in photographs or on film.

"a photogenic child"

We’ve used this phrase all our lives especially as females.
If we are a reflection of what we see in the mirror or any reflection, then why do we say ï am photogenic-I do/don't look better in photos.
It is what you look like that shows up in a mirror. abi?
It sure means that you are what you see! In the photo above, everything in the room was captured, including the towel hanging by the window. EVERYTHING! just as it is!

Take off the scales from your heart that make you believe your less or more than what you reflect through a lens whether camera or mirror.
It’s not humbling to acknowledge a difference in our life human form and our reflection, rather it’s degrading to your esteem and confidence.
Fashion and makeup can only enhance what you’ve got or don’t have, but you should not believe that there is much of a difference in you because you stood before the camera.

Let your mind revel in the idea that your form is special and unique, only enhanced by add-ons like accessories, clothing’s, hairstyles and a striking pose.
This post was triggered by a conversation I had with Amaka, an adorable human, by the way.

Lots of Love



  1. ha! some days ehn? they just don't match, honestly.
    days when i feel down and unhappy, i don't even like to see myself but on happy days, i am noticeably prettier.
    but i get your message...i am just being silly. :')

    1. I'm glad you get the message.
      You are adorable girl:)


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