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Skincare Update

Hello Eagles,I have made some serious discovery I never thought I would plunge into if I didn’t have acne prone skin, so I had to take a break from the busy life I’m immersed in currently and come share this on the blog, so everyone can learn a thing or two.

In my lastupdate; I mentioned the products I was using and how they’ve worked for me so far. Well, 90% of all those products have either expired or are completely used up and I’ve restocked on some new products.My skin is a lot better now and I’m going strong on my skin care goals for this year.
Below is a recent picture of my face,no more pus-filled pimples, painful cyst and papular acne.
pretty lady, natural hair, smile, acne
April 2018
Let’s get to the update:
I wash my face with a face brush and Skinplus sulphur soap or the Avon cleanser. While my face is wet, I go in with rose hip oil and my day continues or ends. (talk about being lazy)
However, let me mention the new addition I made to my meal plan – Zinc supplement (One tablet during meal every day) brought a whole lot of improvement.

Slowly I added back carbohydrates( specifically eba) to my meal and still didn’t get the huge breakouts I was getting.This is not to say, you should go and add back the meals that are unhealthy for you-I just wanted to see how effective this supplement would be in minimizing the breakouts I suffered.

Let me give you a little story on how the supplement helps:
The break outs you suffer can be hormone-induced which for most part, you can’t really control that part of your body system. So your body gets into a rage, like a strong wind beating up on the face of the water and causing this huge wave, everything just goes up and down in your system and some chemicals are released. One of these chemical is called cortisol (which is also found in red meat when ingested), stirs your body so strongly and causes you stress.

And because your body is in a state of unrest, the production of sebum, shoots up, the pores get clogged and if your environment is not free from bacteria( which is very likely) they settle on your skin and feed on the sebum, the immune system tries hard to fight this invader and everything just goes into mayhem. Phew!

So, when you ingest meals that are high in zinc or take the zinc supplement it allows your body like a body of water to flow with the currents and tide. No heavy stirrings, just a consistent nice flow and movement, a beautiful smooth rise and fall of activities in the body- Shhhhhh, keep calm body is glowing.

DISCLAIMER: Make sure you purchase yours from a trusted pharmacy, try it out and let me know how this worked for you and if you are sexually active or family planning, please know that this product makes you very fertile and you could get pregnant. Consult your doctor.

QUICK UPDATE: I discontinued the use of the zinc supplement for a week and few days and I have tiny bumps on my face- You should totally try this product, guys!

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