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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!
Written down your expectations and plans for the year??
Oya break it down to months........then into action plans for each week and even days...
Yes..Your welcome :D
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It's meeeeeHow many of are suffering from acne,pimples,rashes or bumps like me....It can be so frustrating abi?  
The devil is liar....

Well i have a tip to share.......
DRUM ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey, don't be too excited, it's just because i love you...so i'll tell you about this secret tip that no one has ever tried before.
 Graters or potato slicer !!!!!
Important kitchen utensils.... right??....
I know you must have it in your kitchen, how smooth does it make your potato or carrot...lol.
Wait for it..............Let it sink in.....Got it now????
Those Pimples will NEVER pop out again..
 On a serious Note: Use Lemon as cleanser and coconut oil as a moisturizer and you'd be fine.
Have a good laughter-filled week.
Much Love


  1. Lol at your tip. 😂😂😂 Happy New Year.

  2. LOL!!!!!! Omg! I was like, what on earth?

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  4. Thanks for sharing hun. Coconut oil is my Bae but I didn't know about carrots. Thanks and happy new year.


  5. Happy new year.
    And you are beautiful.

  6. HAPPY NEW YEAR Ugo :) Too funny and yep I've had plenty of them ...

    Great to see you! Wishing you and everyone a Loving, Healthy, Happy Safe, Peaceful and Prosperous New Year! Love ya my Beautiful Sweet Sis :)

  7. I don't border myself with acne anymore. Happy new year ugo..


    Beautiful pix BTW.

  8. Grater!!! ehhmmm.. Now i was almost scared oh.. cause if eezz that metal thing my Sister uses in the Kitchen that is harp like kilode that ya Talking about ehnn.. Then NO!! Thank you!!! Mbok.. let the pimples grow to their satisfaction :) heheheh Happy New Year Bubba.. Best wishes.


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